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Injured in an Apartment

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Apartment complexes are known to be dangerous and have poor safety. Most apartment accidents and injuries occur because owners believe they can get away with unsafe conditions or they may not spend the time or money to keep their buildings up to par. Serious injuries and even death can results from poorly maintained apartments and unsuspecting residents, tenants, and visitors can be seriously harmed.

Types of cases arising from apartment complexes include

  1. Housing Negligence
  2. Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents
  3. Baby, child or elderly accidents and deaths
  4. Injuries or death because of poor or no security
  5. Burns from scolding water
  6. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  7. Smoke inhalation
  8. Death

Owners and management of apartment complexes  may refuse to spend money on safety precautions that are required by law. This can happen regardless of the neighborhood or price of rent.

When apartment complexes focus on their profits instead of people, people get hurt. We are here to help you achieve justice.

When proper security measures are ignored fights, shootings, drive by shootings, robberies, attacks, and other incidents can occur on apartment complex premises.

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