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Nevada Business Law Attorneys

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Nevada business law refers to the laws that govern the dealings between people and business matters in the State of Nevada. There are many sub areas within business law such as of partnership law, the law of limited liability companies, bankruptcy, corporate law, and agency law.

A lot of business law involves trying to prevent problems that can hurt the business or cause legal disputes, which in turn involves the proper attorney to assist with drafting appropriate contracts or assisting in business negotiations.

Our attorneys will review your business plan, your short and long-term goals, and other key aspects of your enterprise to determine what legal advice will best suit your business's needs. 

Our firm can draft documents for creating a corporation, partnership or LLC in addition to other documents that can lay the groundwork for a successful organization, such as corporate bylaws, a shareholder or partnership agreement, an operating agreement and employment contracts. When a new business opportunity arises, our firm can provide advice and services to help you evaluate and take advantage of that opportunity.

Operating a successful business in Nevada depends on preparing and negotiating contracts. A contract can be anything from a lease agreement to a purchasing agreement to an agreement with a third-party vendor to sell a product. Our business lawyers not only understand the elements of contract law from both Nevada statutes and Nevada common law, but we also appreciate the issues that might impact the enforcement of a contract. We work with our clients to skillfully negotiate and draft contracts that work to the client's best interests.

Our Business Law Services:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Charters
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Bylaws
  • Operating Agreements
  • Dissolutions and Liquidations
  • Partnership Liability & Disputes
  • Officers and Directors Liability
  • Annual Filings and Recordings with Secretary of State
  • Licensing
  • Fictitious Names

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