Do I need an Estate Plan?

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Everyone Needs An Estate Plan

You do not want to leave your loved ones in a position of grieving and fighting over property, and your financial/medical decisions!

Nor do you want to leave the care of your minor children up to the state courts if something were to happen to you! These family conflicts are all too common when individuals become disabled, incapacitated, or pass away. Protect your family & your money . Book your complimentary consultation now.

Our estate plans are created by focusing on the people, not property. That means our clients' goals are always at the forefront of every estate plan. No two estate plans should be alike, because no two clients are exactly alike.

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Estate Planning is Important for Everyone, no Matter their Age or fFnancial Status.
  • Estate planning avoids taxes and legal court battles (that can be costly and emotionally draining), and ensures funds are awarded as you wish.
  • An estate plan appoints the right people to take care of your kids and even YOU if you're incapacitated.
Estate Planning Goes Beyond a Will

Many people think of a will and an estate plan as the same thing. They're not.

Both will and estate plans provide instructions for how your property, cash, and other assets should be handled after your death, but estate planning encompasses much more. It can also include:

  • Durable powers of attorney to appoint individuals to make medical and/or financial decisions on your behalf you're unable to provide instructions yourself
  • Medical directives to outline the kinds of medical treatment you want (or don't want) if you become incapacitated
  • Beneficiary designations to explain who should receive money from life insurance policies, annuities, retirement accounts, and other financial accounts
  • One or more trusts to facilitate passing property to your heirs without your property entering into the expensive and lengthy probate process, and potentially provide tax benefits for both you and your beneficiaries
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The Sooner you get Started, the Better. An Estate Plan is Only Effective if you Keep it Current.

Once you have an attorney prepared estate plan, review your plan regularly – or after major life changes like marriage, divorce, birth of a child or grandchild, or a death in the family. If your estate plan is out-of-date, your heirs could still encounter some of the problems you tried so hard to avoid.

 Find The Option That's Right For Your Family
The best way for you to determine whether or not your estate plan should include a will, a living trust, or some combination of the two is to meet with us as your Personal Family Lawyer® for a Family Wealth Planning Session™. During this process, we'll take you through an analysis of your assets, what's most important to you, and what will happen to your loved ones when you become incapacitated or die.

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Sitting down with us, your Personal Family Lawyer® will empower you to feel 100% confident that you have the right combination of estate planning solutions to fit with your unique asset profile, family dynamics, and budget. Schedule your appointment today to get started.

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