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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall accidents

Whenever you visit some public place to go shopping, have fun, or for any other reason, there is a chance that you may slip, fall and hurt yourself. Many times slip and falls happen because of the carelessness of the individual who was responsible for maintaining the property in a safe condition. Nevada law is very clear-- businesses have an obligation to customers to ensure that their stores are safe for customers and visitors. “Slipping” and “Falling” are some of the most common ways to get injured when you are out and about. Slip and falls are also some of the most dangerous accidents because there is no protective barrier between one's body and a hard, dangerous surface. 

Broken Arm
  • Over 30,000 people have died in slip and fall related injuries in 2015.
  • There were over 800 cases of slip and fall injuries related to work.
  • Half of all deaths from slip and fall injuries occur at home.
  • Slip and falls account for the majority of traumatic brain injuries.

But what to do if you've been injured in such accident?

If you or someone you care about was injured in a slip, trip and fall accident, it is important that you take action immediately after the incident. It is crucial that you are prompt in order to build the best possible legal case. Here are some recommendations on how to proceed.

  1. Seek Medical attention. Your health and safety and the health and safety of a loved one is the priority. If you or your loved one has been injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident, look for medical attention. Remember that those medical records are very important key elements when building your case.
  1. Report the accident. Regardless of where the accident happened – whether your friend's house, in a supermarket, hotel, casino, shopping mall or even on public street. If you have been hurt, file a report with the manager, owner or landlord. It is better to have everything in writing. Be sure to give as many details as you can remember and be specific. Don't forget to ask for a copy of the report before you leave.
  1. Document everything. It's important to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for all potential witnesses. Their statements could help prove your claim if you decide to pursue a legal claim. Also, remember to take pictures of the EXACT location where you fell and make sure to photograph any stairs, icy patches, or other conditions that contributed to your accident. Jot down what you were doing right before the accident, the way you fell, and any other details, including the exact time and date. Also: Place the shoes and clothing you were wearing during the accident in a safe storage place. They may be relevant pieces of evidence later.
  1. Decline to Give Statements. Remain calm and limit your communication with the property owner or manager. Do not post any details related to your accident on social media. Decline to give a statement to an insurance company until you've spoken to an attorney. Do not place blame—and don't take any.
  1. Call an attorney. Lawsuits against slip, trip and fall are complex cases. When you need assistance with such situations, it is important and recommended to contact an attorney. The best person on your side that will be able to build the best case for you. We have the experience, knowledge, and track record of success to recover the money you deserve.

If you happen to get hurt by slipping and falling, Stovall and Associates' team of experienced attorneys will do their best to help you get the best possible settlement for your case. 

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