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Losing someone is a painful experience. Losing a family member or friend to an accident caused by someone else is much worse experience. If you think someone is responsible for the death of your loved one, call us for a free consultation. After losing someone you love, if that loss was caused by someone else's negligence or even intention criminal act, you can talk with a lawyer. Although a wrongful death lawsuit will not make everything better or minimize your loss, it can be a tremendous help during the challenging time after the death of a loved one.

Talk with the attorneys of Stovall & Associates about your case. We handle all types of wrongful death claims for clients throughout Nevada. We will help you obtain justice and compensation for your losses.

What Is Wrongful Death Case?

In Nevada, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought when a victim dies or is killed as a result of another person's wrongdoing. In these cases, the surviving family members or the executors of the victim's estate bring a claim for money damages. A wrongful death case is one in which the intentional, criminal or negligent acts of a person results in the death of another person. This can include the same sort of events that lead to lawsuits requiring a personal injury attorney: car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & falls and brain injuries and incidents of medical malpractice, to name a few.

In a wrongful death case, since the deceased person is not able to represent themselves to pursue a claim against the at-fault parties, someone else must serve in that capacity on behalf of the deceased victim. Special papers must be filed with the probate court to request that the person be appointed as the personal administrator of the decedent's estate.

wrongful death action is a civil rather than a criminal action. This means they may not be arrested for the death they caused and the family members or other interested party will have to hire a private lawyer to get money for the death of the victim. The suspect  or "killer" may or may not be facing incarceration. So the victim's family is seeking payment to compensate them financially for their losses as well as for their pain and suffering in a wrongful death case.

you must act quickly due to laws on time limits to file the lawsuit

A wrongful death action arises when an individual dies from a fatal injury because of the harmful acts of another person or business. The harmful acts can be accidental (negligent or careless) or intentional (criminal conduct). In either situation, a lawsuit can be filed and the bad actor can be held financially responsible.

Most times wrongful death is due to a doctor's carelessness or negligence but there are other common scenarios that give rise to wrongful death lawsuits.

Common wrongful death cases can arise from:

  1. Automobile Accidents or other accidents
  2. Motorcycle Accidents
  3. Truck Accidents
  4. Rideshare Accidents
  5. Falls
  6. Negligent security
  7. Drowning
  8. Product malfunction or defect
  9. Criminal Behavior (usually homicide)
  10. Medical Malpractice
  11. Dangerous products
  12. Exposure to Hazardous substances or conditions

Although the list of incidents above are just examples, wrongful death cases can arise from other situations and it is best to speak to one of our experience wrongful death attorneys, free of charge.

Decades of Success with hundreds of wrongful death cases


Some of the people we have sued for wrongful deaths include:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Doctors
  3. Casinos
  4. Apartment Complexes
  5. Homeowners
  6. Criminals
  7. Drunk Drivers
  8. The at-fault driver in a car crash;
  9. The designer of a defective road;
  10. The person who sold, served, or gave alcohol to an impaired driver who caused an accident;
  11. The owner of the bar or restaurant where the alcohol was served to an inebriated driver;
  12. A government agent who did not provide adequate warnings about a dangerous road hazard; and
  13. The manufacturer, seller, or installer of a faulty product or device

Who is eligible to sue

Usually immediate family members are the proper people to sue another person or company for wrongful death. If you are a spouse or family member of a person who died because of another person or company's acts, then you may have a claim for wrongful death.

 what does it take to win a wrongful death case

Make no mistake wrongful death cases are very serious and require years of trial experience to be successful. Stovall & associates has over 35 years in Nevada handling and winning these cases for families. Nevada law requires many things in order for a wrongful death case to even make it to trial and in front of a jury to award you money. Here is what must be proven to win a wrongful death case:

  1. A person died;
  2. Because of another person's careless or purposeful acts;
  3. Surviving family members who have lost or missed out on money because of the death
  4. A person (usually family) to hire an attorney to file the lawsuit on behalf of the dead individual and make decisions for the deceased person's estate (a personal representative for the decedent's estate).

            If you or someone you know has lost a relative, loved one or friend, Stovall & Associates' team of experienced attorneys will win and  ensure that you get the best possible settlement for your case.

We promise to go all in with you!

We do not use retainers or billable hours. It is important for our clients to know that our personal injury lawyers go “all in” with them — we refuse to get paid until we win their case. We ask for no money to speak to you, consult with you, or give you legal advice. We only get paid when you do.

We work on a “contingency fee” basis (meaning our payment is contingent upon winning the case and we agree to the amount up front), we also front all the costs — court filings, experts, medical records, etc.

We will get you the best and the maximum settlement or jury verdict. We will not pressure you to settle your case for less than you deserve.

We provide Aggressive negotiation. Once our case is airtight, we issue a demand to all the people and/or companies at fault for harming our client. Then begins a period of settlement talks where we show the other side that we mean business and we would likely win at trial so they might as well pay up now. This allows our clients to move on more quickly than if the case had to go to trial. We know from experience that insurance companies are far more likely to offer a great settlement if the victims are represented by counsel. Usually this is three times the amount they offer when a party has no lawyer on tier side. We will not quit until justice is served and we have the right amount of money to ensure our client gets the best outcome possible.

We are one of the few personal injury law firms that offer five-star litigation. In the rare event that a pre-litigation settlement cannot be reached, Stovall & Associates is ready to file a lawsuit and prepare for trial. All the while, we would continue trying to resolve the case out of court — it is not uncommon for defendants to get scared as trial approaches and to agree to a settlement at the last last-minute. This happens when the insurance companies see that we mean business and are ready to fight it out for our clients.

Should the case reach trial, our well-seasoned courtroom attorneys put forward the most convincing evidence and persuasive witnesses. We would ask the court for not only compensatory damages to cover our clients' expenses and pain and suffering — we also argue that defendants owe our clients hefty punitive damages as punishment for the suffering and distress they caused.

We cannot turn back time and make your injuries go away. So instead, we stop at nothing in pursuit of the biggest financial reward possible to help you heal and move on.

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