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We are a different type of Injury Law Firm

Explaining to you how we're different requires an explanation of what the traditional experience with a lawyer is like. During the traditional experience with most personal injury lawyers in town, you'll go in, meet with a lawyer who will often make things seem very complicated and confusing and offer a lot of empty promises. You will not hear from your lawyer for months at a time. You will have mounting medical bills and lost wages from not being able to work. You will feel scared and alone. You will probably try to reach your lawyer several times to be passed on to other staff.

You will get a lot of information about settling your case for a lower amount that you feel is fair. You will be pushed to settle your case because the lawyer doesn't have the knowledge, time, skills, or resources to take your case to trial to get you the amount of money you deserve for your injury.

 How do we know all this? Because it happened in our family, and we swore it would never happen to any clients when we opened Stovall & Associates over 35 years ago!

We promise to go all in with you! We do not use retainers or billable hours. It is important for our clients to know that our personal injury lawyers go “all in” with them — we refuse to get paid until we win their case. We ask for no money to speak to you, consult with you, or give you legal advice. We only get paid when you do.

We work on a “contingency fee” basis (meaning our payment is contingent upon winning the case and we agree to the amount up front), we also front all the costs — court filings, experts, medical records, etc.

We will get you the best medical treatment and the get you the maximum settlement or jury verdict. We will not pressure you to settle your case for less than you deserve.

We provide Aggressive negotiation. Once our case is airtight, we issue a demand to all the people and/or companies at fault for harming our client. Then begins a period of settlement talks where we show the other side that we mean business and we would likely win at trial so they might as well pay up now. This allows our clients to move on more quickly than if the case had to go to trial. We know from experience that insurance companies are far more likely to offer a great settlement if the victims are represented by counsel. Usually this is three times the amount they offer when a party has no lawyer on tier side. We will not quit until justice is served and we have the right amount of money to ensure our client gets the best outcome possible.

We are one of the few personal injury law firms that offer five-star litigation. In the rare event that a pre-litigation settlement cannot be reached, Stovall & Associates is ready to file a lawsuit and prepare for trial. All the while, we would continue trying to resolve the case out of court — it is not uncommon for defendants to get scared as trial approaches and to agree to a settlement at the last last-minute. This happens when the insurance companies see that we mean business and are ready to fight it out for our clients.

Should the case reach trial, our well-seasoned courtroom attorneys put forward the most convincing evidence and persuasive witnesses. We would ask the court for not only compensatory damages to cover our clients' expenses and pain and suffering — we also argue that defendants owe our clients hefty punitive damages as punishment for the suffering and distress they caused.

We cannot turn back time and make your injuries go away. So instead, we stop at nothing in pursuit of the biggest financial reward possible to help you heal and move on.

Don't Wait. There Are Time Limits On When You Can Take Legal Action.

Time is of the essence. Please contact Stovall & Associates today for a free, no risk consultation. Remember when you hire Stovall & Associates, we go all in with you, and you pay nothing until we win your case! You will always talk with an attorney when you call our firm, day or night. We are here for you.

Firm Background

Stovall & Associates brings over four decades of trial lawyer experience to every case.

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Still unsure if we're the right option? No worries. Give us a call to set up a free consultation. We'll take a look at your case and tell you what we think your best options are. If that includes hiring us, great. If not, we'll use our extensive knowledge of the legal community to set you up with an attorney who gives you the best chance to win.