How Does Property Pass at Death

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If someone close to you has passed away, you may wonder where their assets go when they die.

The way the property of a deceased person will end up in the hands of the living will depend on the type of property the decedent owned.

Not all property passes through probate upon death. In fact, there are five (5) major types of property that an individual owns upon death (called "estate property"), and only one (1) of them (i.e., "solely-owned property" aka property owned in the deceased's name alone) actually passes through probate.

Property owned
as joint tenants with right of
directly to the surviving
joint owner(s) upon the
death of an owner.

Property held in
a living trust
passes directly
to the 
under the

property passes
to beneficiaries
under a will
or, if there is
no will, under
the laws of

Death benefits
payable under
an annuity or
life insurance
policy pass
directly to the
under the
annuity contract
or insurance

Death benefits
payable under
retirement plans
(including IRAs)
pass directly to
the beneficiaries
designated under
the retirement
Example 2

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Due to the plethora of laws and individuals involved in a Nevada probate process, it it is best to hire an experienced attorney to assist with the court process. In most instances, attorneys fees are paid by the estate, meaning you will not have to spend your own money to handle a deceased individual's probate in Nevada.

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