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How To Determine if you Have A Personal Injury Claim

We are glad that you have come to our website. We are one of the best personal injury law firms in Southern Nevada because of our decades of experience, trial skills, and negotiation tactics. Whether you have been involved in an automobile accident, a slip-and-fall incident, bike accident, or another type of occurrence in which you were injured, an essential issue is the determination of whether you have a case that can be pursued.

The attorneys and the experienced, well-trained staff at Stovall & Associates will meet with you at no cost, to decide if you have a viable case. We offer second opinions, and often take injury valuable cases other lawyers have not seen the value in, or have dropped the ball on. This is because our extensive experience allows us to see many angles of the law in which an injury victim can recover compensation.  For instance, we were able to recover six figure or more outcomes in cases where drivers were seen “at fault”. Because of our expertise we were able to settle these cases for a significant amount of money.

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How to Assess Your Potential Claim

What Specific Type Of Injury(ies) Did You Suffer?

An important element to any case is to determine the specific injuries suffered as a result of the accident. Bringing in any documents relating to your medical care to the initial consultation would be beneficial.

On What Legal Basis Can I Pursue My Case?

Even if you have been given a ticket or cited you may still have a case! But one thing that can be difficult for people to understand is that although they have suffered a genuine injury, their accident may not meet the necessary legal standard that places responsibility upon someone else for their injuries. It is essential to consult with us ― we are well-versed in the laws that apply to the circumstances of your particular accident and your injuries. We will fairly and honestly assess your case to establish whether the legal requirements have been met to enable you to go forward, at no cost to you.

Who Was At Fault?

Even if you have been given a ticket or cited you may still have a case! Provide us with a detailed description of exactly what happened. If you made any notes at or shortly after the time of the incident, it's always beneficial to bring those, as well as photographs, accident reports or any other documentation that you may have when you meet with us to review your case. It is also beneficial to bring in any witnesses if you can locate them.

What Is Your Prior Medical History?

If you have had similar injuries in the past, this could be important to the case. It is essential that you are candid and forthcoming with any such information at the time of your initial consultation. Such medical history may not necessarily be bad news ― a prior medical condition is of less significance if you fully recovered from the previous similar problem. If, on the other hand, your prior medical history will impact your case in a negative way, this needs to be factored in at the time of your consultation.

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