Family Wealth Planning Sessions

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"This is a process that our clients absolutely love"

And you will too because it supports you to get more financially organized than you ever have been before, keeps your assets out of the state department of unclaimed property, and ensures you make informed, empowered decisions for the people you love so you know what you actually need to have in place and what you don't. By the end of the session you know with certainty you are making the best decisions throughout your life and your family will know how much you cared about and loved them, in the event of your incapacity or death, because everything will be so well handled.

Ultimately, this is something you do for the people you love.

Normally that session is $750 because I set aside up to 2 hours and it's a working meeting.  If you do some homework ahead of time to gather all your asset information – which is critically important whether you work with me or not so your money doesn't end up lost – I'll give you that session at no charge. You can schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session with me for a time that you are available and I offer one Saturday per month. Click here to talk to our Client Services Director, so she can explain the homework  and to get your plan started!

We'll definitely talk about all of your concerns when you come in to meet with me. We look forward to seeing you and caring for your family soon!

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