How to Pass Down Your Legacy During The Holidays

Posted by Leslie M. Stovall, Esq. | Dec 14, 2021 | 0 Comments


As you likely already know, but may not have given much thought about, the most important gifts you provide is so much more than the money or presents, but also includes your values, insights, stories, and experience. 

So, this year, we invite you to ask your mother, father, and/or another loved one the many important questions below that can teach you valuable lessons about love, life, and what matters most. And, don't just ask them, record their answers to create your own Family Wealth Legacy. 

Use these questions as a springboard and an engaging activity during the holidays and discover what you didn't know about your loved ones:

  1. What were the three best decisions you ever made?
  2. What are you most proud of?
  3. What were five of the most memorable moments of your life?
  4. What message would you like to share with your family?
  5. What are you most thankful for?
  6. What made you successful?
  7. What did you believe about yourself that helped you become successful and deal with hard times?
  8. What three events most shaped your life?
  9. What do you remember about when I was born?
  10. How would you like to be remembered?

These questions can reveal a wealth of valuable life lessons - family treasures to discuss and share with generations to come. But having this conversation is just a start. To preserve and protect your family assets and other things of value, you should create a comprehensive estate plan that will safeguard what you value most. And, we include a recorded Family Wealth Legacy Interview, which becomes a priceless family legacy piece for your loved ones, with every estate plan we create. Because we've discovered that estate planning is really a misnomer; when done right, it's Life and Legacy Planning -- planning for a life you love and a legacy worth leaving.

As your Personal Family Lawyer®, we can guide you to create a comprehensive estate plan -- which we prefer to call and see as a Life and Legacy Plan because it's about so much more than just your “estate” --  that protects and preserves your most valuable assets. Before the session, we'll send you a Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment to complete that will get you thinking about what you own, what matters most to you, and what you want to leave behind. Contact us today to schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session.

This article is a service of Larissa Drohobyczer, Personal Family Lawyer®. We don't just draft documents, we ensure you make informed and empowered decisions about life and death, for yourself and the people you love.  That's why we offer a Family Wealth Planning Session™ during which you will get more financially organized than you've ever been before, and make all the best choices for the people you love. Begin by calling our office today to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session and mention this article to find out how to get this $750 session at no charge.

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