Larissa's Legal Lessons: Tips on How to Choose the Proper Personal Injury Attorney

Posted by Leslie M. Stovall, Esq. | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

  There is no question that consumers are bombarded with numerous ads for personal injury attorneys. The experience of a suffering a serious injury is very emotional and painful both physically and mentally. Most people who get seriously injured have no idea what to expect or look for when deciding to hire an attorney. This is quite understandable since accidents and injuries are not something that is widely discussed and most people hope to never have to hire an attorney.

  Below are some things one should consider when making a decision on hiring an attorney:

  1. Has the attorney handled my type of case before, and if so what were his or her results?
  2. How long has the attorney been practicing law?
  3. Does the attorney have any the knowledge on the particular injury sustained (i.e. dog bite, slip an fall, brain injury)?
  4. Has the attorney had much experience reviewing medical records and determining the extent of the injury and its life changing affects?
  5. What experts and doctors does the attorney recommend and why?
  6. Does this attorney litigate cases and go to trial, or is this a pre-litigation (before a lawsuit has to be filed) only attorney?
  7. How many personal injury trials has this attorney conducted?
  8. Are there people who have used this attorney who will give a favorable reference?
  9. Does this attorney seem trustworthy and honest?

  Of course, the above list is only a sample of what someone should consider when selecting a personal injury attorney. It is highly recommended that individuals seek multiple opinions from several lawyers prior to selecting one to hire for a personal injury case, especially if there is no charge to speak with an attorney about your personal injury case.

  If you or a loved one has been injured, Stovall & Associates has the legal experience, knowledge, and trial experience required to handle serious cases. After all, we have been trying cases in Nevada for over thirty years with success to back it up. Please call us today for your free consultation so we can help!

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